Te Atarangi Angus

Northland-based Angus Cattle Breeders

Specializing in ease of calving and heifer mating



  • Calving ease with moderate growth and good thickness
  • A fertile, good milking, structurally sound female
  • A calf at 2 years
  • Provide bulls suitable for heifer mating and ease of calving
  • Moderate frame with high yielding carcass
  • Quiet temperament

We have mated yearlings since 1982. All stud cows are calved behind a hot wire with calves from the Angus tagged and weighed at birth.

Calving due date is 20th July for stud cows and heifers, however we have in recent years had approx 60 calves on the ground by that date. This is due to the short gestation bulls that we have been using for a number of years.

We are now increasing the empathise on carcase traits as well as all the above.

We are not chasing a high 600 day weight but are trying to lift the 400 day weight. For 600 day we are happy to be just under the breed average.

For our herd we believe that the Mature cow weight Australasian average is far to high. We do not want big cows. We are after a mature cow weight considerable below the 600 day weight and around or below the 400 day figure.


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