Te Atarangi Angus

Northland-based Angus Cattle Breeders

Specializing in ease of calving and heifer mating



  • Fully registered 300 cow herd
  • Specializing in ease of calving and heifer mating
  • All our best bulls offered at our annual yearling sale
  • Full EBVs on all animals
  • Excellent temperament
  • Our complete program (all 300 cows) is focused on ease of calving and heifer mating
  • Good selection of bulls with growth and carcass attributes without compromising ease of calving
  • Fertility
  • Calve as 2 yr old
  • Only 43 day mating
  • Cull everything that doesn’t rear a calf
  • 15 month Hfs only mated for 30 days
New Zealand


Te Atarangi is situated on the Pouto Peninsula, 25 minutes South West of Dargaville. It backs on to the west coast (300 metres from high tide and good fishing spots) and is just 4 km by road from the Kaipara Harbour to the east.


We now have 330+ paddocks on the freehold block. There is a further 40 paddocks fenced with pigtails and poly wire. Most fencing now undertaken is 2 wire electric. We now have 7 sets of yards.


Our Angus Stud began in 1988 with the purchase of 5 cows from Matauri. We now farm 300 Angus cows along side 180 cross-bred cows. We aim for a maternal animal with reasonable growth and excellent ease of calving.


We have mated yearlings since 1982. All stud cows are calved behind a hot wire with calves from the Angus tagged and weighed at birth.



  • On Farm - 112 Schick Rd
  • Tuesday 6th September 2022 @ 12:30pm

LATEST UPDATES Our 2022 sale will change to the first tuesday in September which will be the 6th September.


As we close out the 2021 year

We have had a very good spring and in December we are looking very good for grass. All stock are looking good. We have preg tested our first calving heifers (getting 86 in calf from 115 to the bull) this was with only 28 days exposed to the bull. The older cows have also been preg tested with very few MT from 43 days exposed to the bull. We expect the younger cows (2 and 3 year old) to have a bigger MT rate as they were very light at calving after 2 very dry summers and no autumn this year.


We had a very successful sale, offering 114 bulls and selling 106 for an average of $3633 and a top price of $8800 and 2 bulls going to stud. 1 to Maranui (top price) and 1 to Mangaotea (at $8000).


The Shack has confirmed bookings on the following dates:

2021 bookingth-3rd January-10th January Roberta 

14th Jan- 30th Jan Samuel

30th - ?  Margie??

31st - 4th Feb Jess

9th feb - 16th feb John O

19th - 21st feb Linda, Jess and Tony

19th-21st March Simon, Jess and Tony

1st April - 9th April Kim & Viv

16th - 26th april Jess and Tony

4th - 7th June Charlotte

11th June - 23rd June CB

15th July - 18th July Charlotte

23/24 July Carla  (K&V)

10/11 Sept Carla (K&V)

24Th Sept - 27th Sept Caroline

30th Sept -5Th Oct  John O

21st - 25th Oct McIntosh, Jess and Tony

10th - 29th Dec Margie

29th Dec -7th Jan 2022 Caroline

29th Dec 21 -7th  Jan 2022 Caroline

7th Jan-16th Jan Margie

16th - 30th January Sam

1st - 6th Feb Jess

&th - 14th Feb John O

18th - 19th Feb Sarah-Jane (Megan)

Feb- 22nd-27th Marcus Tietjens

March 4th-7th Mackintosh (Tony and Jess)

11-13th March Nicole (PA)

March 18/19 Jess

12th -21st April Margie/Charlotte

21st - 29th April Kate D

June 10th - 19th CB

June 20th- 25th Daphne (Chris)

14th oct-22nd oct CB

23rdDec-03 Jan 2023 Kate B

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